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VOTE Broschet, Corkill & Zimmerman for NIC on Tuesday Nov. 8!

What's going on at North Idaho College? 


North Idaho College is under attack

Save NIC's accreditation. 

Save workforce training programs.

Save dual credit high school programs.

NIC has served North Idaho students since 1933 as a resource for college and career opportunities. But over the past year, outside influences have attempted a hostile takeover of the board, jeopardizing NIC's accreditation, threatening enrollment, jeopardizing dual enrollment and workforce training programs and cost the college at least $5.2 million so far in unnecessary expenses, drawing national press attention.

Friends of NIC is fighting back. Join us. 



What is Friends of NIC?

We are a group of North Idaho residents who know and love our local community college and are fighting to protect it.

What is the threat to NIC?

If we do not elect good community leaders on November 8, we are at risk of losing:

  • Workforce training and development programs

  • Accreditation

  • Popular dual enrollment high school programs

  • And more

What can you do to help? 

  • Families rely on the value North Idaho College delivers

  • NIC is a cost-effective, school-choice option for students and employers

  • NIC provides successful programs for students:

    • Dual enrollment for high schoolers

    • Nationally recognized nursing program

    • Technology and applied sciences certifications

    • Workforce training and seamless transfers to Idaho universities and beyond

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